Overall aims:

  • To undertake and strengthen the research within the field of Arctic Health
  • To evaluate the geographical and temporal variations of disease risk factors
  • To improve the understanding of the outcome and implication from diet, lifestyle, and environment on a population level as well as on a molecular and cellular level

Specific aims:

  • To undertake and strengthen the collaboration between national and international Arctic research institutes and organizations
  • To strengthen the collaboration in circumpolar research on Arctic Environmental Medicine and Arctic Health
  • To participate in collaborative programs within the fields of Environment and Health research
  • To participate in circumpolar Arctic Health education programs
  • To undertake molecular surveillance of disease risk factors
  • To study causes for disease at both population and cellular/molecular levels
  • To analyze the biological effects of the actual environmental exposure to contaminant mixtures in vitro and ex vivo
  • To study and compare genetic mutations in specific populations including Inuit and Danes and evaluate whether the specific polymorphisms can be considered disease risk factors